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Foundations of Regulation Courses

Separate from the ICRS Certificate Program, Foundations of Regulation courses are designed for new staff members who have recently joined a nursing regulatory body, professionals who are interested in serving on boards and committees and others looking to enhance their regulatory skills and knowledge. Each self-paced course can be completed in one day, and each offers continuing education (CE) credits.

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Foundations of Regulation courses are open for enrollment, free of charge, to all NCSBN Members, Associate Members and Exam User Members.

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Foundations of Regulation Course Catalog

Course Instructor
Course Conducting a Literature Review

Participants will learn important concepts and techniques that are essential to launching a new research study. From drafting a research question and conducting an online search to ranking source materials, graduates of this course will develop practical skills that will start them down the path of becoming independent investigators. 

Course Fraud Detection for Licensure Applications

Do you want proactive authentication strategies for detecting fraud? Based on eleven policy considerations and ten safe practices, this course provides the knowledge and skills board staff need for performing rigorous verifications of licensure applications.

Course NPDB – National Practitioner Data Bank

To maintain public safety, employers need current information on a health care practitioner’s ability to practice safely. The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is a web-based repository that provides confidential information that employers may query in order to review whether a license is encumbered by a regulatory board action as well as review any reports of malpractice payments or other credentialing results.

Course Parliamentary Procedure

What, you may have asked yourself during an interminable meeting or two, is the purpose of parliamentary procedure and rules?! Look no further. Nationally known expert Dr. Leonard Young explains all in this valuable primer, including tips for electronic/virtually held meetings.

Course Principles of Nursing Board Governance

This program is an introduction to concepts of governance and regulation as they apply to nursing regulatory bodies and individuals charged safeguarding public safety, health and welfare through nursing regulating and nursing education.  After completing the course, you will have an elemental understanding of models of governance used by boards of nursing,  the regulatory models for nursing and the key regulatory functions of boards.  In addition, you will be introduced to current trends and issues impacting nursing governance and regulation along with relevant resources to assist you in your role. 

Course Role of a Board Member

Becoming a Board Member entails significant legal authority and equally significant responsibility. Learn the ropes from a pro: former NCSBN Board of Directors President Jim Cleghorn, MA, who also served as Executive Director of the Georgia Board of Nursing.