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ICRS Certificate Program

The ICRS certificate program is a competency-based, experiential, online and blended course of study that, in addition to offering continuing education credits (CEs), also provides program credits. After earning six (6) online credits and attending the Advanced Leadership Institute, participants will be awarded the ICRS certificate.

Learn. Network. Lead.

Enhance your knowledge and skills in governance, network with participants around the world and expand your leadership skills through the ICRS. Courses are offered in four-week segments and taught by renowned experts who lead discussions and provide feedback on assignments to assist professionals along their regulatory journey.

Regulation & Governance, Public Policy & Legislation and Research, Measurement & Operational Performance lead to Advanced Leadership Institute, which leads to the ICRS Certificate

Certificate Requirements

In order to recieve the ICRS Certificate, participants need to:

  • Complete the Competency Assessment
  • Complete all pre-requisite material
  • Complete six (6) courses from the Pathways
  • Attend and participate in the ICRS Leadership Institute

Network with Regulators Around the World

Apply for the ICRS Certificate Program

Courses are currently open for enrollment, free of charge, to all NCSBN Members, Associate Members and Exam User Members.  The ICRS program will be available to international regulations, for a fee, starting Winter 2020.  Complete the application in order to begin your regulatory journey with ICRS.

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ICRS Certificate Program Course Catalog

Course Instructor Course Dates
Course Administrative Law

This course introduces participants to the general principles of U.S. administrative law.  Administrative agencies have specific legislative, executive and judicial powers and play essential roles in government. This course discusses these powers and roles as applied to U.S. state and territorial occupational licensing boards, and the regulation of nursing practice.  The second half of this course will pay specific attention to principles of judicial review, substantive due process and administrative rule making.

Instructor Course Dates Starts November 30, 2020
Course Data Analysis in Python

What’s the best way to communicate your data story? No experience in programming or statistics required. Learn how to report descriptive information, develop effective visualizations, and apply statistical tests using one of the world’s most popular programming languages: Python!

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course Experts in Humanity: The History of Nursing Regulation

Alphonse de Lamartine famously said that “history teaches everything, even the future.” To better anticipate and navigate the challenges on the horizon, the History of Nursing Regulation will examine our past. We will explore nursing and nursing regulation in a primarily American context, but with careful attention to relevant international developments, themes, and interconnections. What did the profession look like before mandatory licensure? Before permissive licensure? Why did the first permissive licensure legislation of the early twentieth century coincide with the women’s suffrage movement? We will answer these questions and more on our journey into the past…and back to the future.

Instructor Course Dates To Be Announced
Course Fundamentals of Research

This course provides the necessary foundations for researchers to answer research questions and, ultimately, to advance our collective knowledge. Just as responsible, ethical research methodologies are essential to any research study, so are the fundamentals of research essential to understanding proper methodologies in the first place. This course prepares participants to become independent investigators by teaching practical skills, such as ethics training, choosing an appropriate research methodology, drafting a research question, evaluating source materials, ranking supporting evidence, and conducting a comprehensive literature review.

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course 研究基础第一部分(中文) Fundamentals of Research (Chinese)


参与者将系统学习人类相关科学研究所需的概念和技能。 通过道德伦理规范准则培训 及理解国际IRB机构,参与者将得到文献检索,提出和规划研究问题和选择合适的研究方法的基本训练。

Translated: This is the first and only international nursing research series course offered by ICRS in Chinese. This culturally neutral course will offer the participants an opportunity to use the language of their choice to communicate with their international colleagues. It will serve as a platform for sharing information to support international collaboration in nursing research.

Participants will learn the basic concepts and techniques that are essential to launching a research study. Subjects covered include research ethics, international IRB resources, drafting a research question,  conducting literature reviews and choosing an appropriate research methodology. Graduates of this course will develop the practical skills that will start them on the path towards becoming independent investigators. 

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course High-Performing Teams

High Performing Teams provides essential information for both the novice and the expert to become a better participant and manager of teams. Participants will perform a personal assessment of team behaviors and will create of a checklist to facilitate future team meetings.

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course Just Culture, Reliability Science and Crisis Management: Innovations for Regulators

In today’s dynamic world, regulators need to move from a focus on compliance to a focus on seeing, understanding, and managing the risks to public safety. To do so, we will need to partner with others in new ways. The science of high reliability can better equip regulators to anticipate the unexpected and justly respond.

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course Leadership Journey of a Regulator

It takes resilient leaders to weather the crises that the profession—and society—are facing today. Strong leaders must be self-aware of both their strengths and the areas in which they can improve. They must develop astute ways of communicating with others. This course will hone those critical skills.

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course Questionnaire Design

If “knowledge is power” and “information is liberating,” as Kofi Annan has wisely said, how can we ask the right questions in order to obtain the most accurate answers? Dr. Richard Smiley will guide you through the fundamentals of design to create clear, concise, and effective web questionnaires.

Instructor Course Dates Starts November 2, 2020
Course Role of the Nursing Regulatory Bodies' Education Consultant

With real-life templates and exemplars from seasoned education consultants and professionally developed, exclusive resources, this course sets regulators up for success in education consultant positions. 

Instructor Course Dates Starts May 3, 2021
Course Role of the Executive Officer Instructor Course Dates Starts March 1, 2021
Course Synergy or Strife? Communication Skills for Regulatory Professionals

Effective communication can manage conflict in groups with divergent goals. Part I of Synergy or Strife will explore the nature of groups and will introduce small group communication theories and processes as well as intercultural approaches to teamwork.  The second portion of this course will delve into leadership styles, feedback models and the challenging topic of conflict management.

Instructor Course Dates Starts January 4, 2021
Course Writing a Manuscript for Publication Instructor Course Dates Starts July 5, 2021